Create Video From Photo & Music


Make a video with pictures and music : convert Images to video and Makeit a montage. youcan collage together yourfavourite videos, images and GIF sinto one professional video. making fun videos to share with friends and family. With a few taps you can create vertical and horizontal videos with immersive camera effects, artistic filters, animated text, emoji, dynamic music, stickers…

Mix and match formats : MP4, JPEG, GIF – they’re all welcome! Use our video montage maker to bring all of your assets together in one video. Then use our professional features and tools to create a seam less viewing experience.

Make quick videos :

1- Easily a djust the length of your clips and reorder them
2- Add photos and videos from your library to quickly create a multi-clip video
3- Captions, text, and posters
4- Stick emoji, stickers, and text onto your face and watch them move with you
5- Use full-screen posters with animated backgrounds and customizable text to help tell your story
6- Express even more emotions with the featured Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers
7- Live Title captions are automatically generated as you.
8- Fun stickers and emoji
9- Add animated emoji, speech bubbles, illustrated stickers, and shapes to your photos and video clips
10- Create songs in Garage Band and other music apps, then add them directly to your Clips videos
11- Complete your video with music : Add a music track from your library or choose from more than sound tracks that automatically adjust to the length of yourvideo
12- Add montage music : Music can really make a montage. Add your own tracks or explore our extensive Stock Library for royalty free audio. Time your edits to the beat of your track and produce a great montage video.

13- Easy sharing : Quickly chare in Instagram and other popular social media, and send your videos to friends and family via Mail and Messages

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